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How can you grow your business if you're being frustrated by your lack of technical knowledge? Your strategy will suffer and you'll hire the wrong people, costing you your profits. You need a technology mentor that answers all your questions and that's exactly what I offer.


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Case studies

In 24 hours time, Gary's new documentary was going live in Canada & Australia. His current site was not going to survive the coming onslaught of visitors. With just 5 hours to go, Matt had rebuilt the entire website from the ground up with "load balancing tech" capable of handling  millions of viewers.

International TV campaign website.

Golden One Ventures had grown rapidly but at a cost. Customer data and email campaigns were becoming difficult to control. To tackle the situation, Matt mentored Cybill and her team, preparing a strategy to roll out a new stack of software. Currently, Matt serves as the CTO providing crucial support.

Strategy for a fast growing financial startup.

Kyle's dream to create a YouTube style healing platform required strong architecture and complex coding on a limited budget. To help become a reality, Matt mentored Kyle and provided deep technical assistance and troubleshooting on demand.
Mentoring a YouTube style startup.

Converting new customers into sales efficiently was critical for William. With a vast pay-per-click budget at risk if things went wrong. Matt redesigned the lead generation website and embedded his own Lead Deck technology that provided incredible real-time insights into consumer behaviour.

Building next generation marketing technology.

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I'll do my best to suggest ways to solve your issues and If we're good fit, you can hire me to help you in your business.

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You can reach me by chat, email or you can use the booking form. Set aside at least 60 minutes for our call. We will have a lot to cover.

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As an experienced entreprenuer and coder, there's a will be a lot to talk about so be ready for some deep questions.

3. Pay for additional time.

If there's not enough time to resolve your issue, then you can hire me to mentor, code or even assist you in hiring the right team for your business.

Who you'll be speaking with

Matt Shelley is a multi-discipline technology entrepreneur. He is a mentor, coder and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for several funded startups.

Matt Shelley is a multi-discipline technology entrepreneur. He is a mentor, coder and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for several funded startups.

Largest business
£20 million profit with 475,000 customers.

3 x 7 figure businesses.

More than enough to know better.

20+ years coding , consulting & startups.

Computer Science, Marketing & Sales Psychology.

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